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Vconf builds complex and scalable video conferencing solutions with pre-built WebRTC components, from UX design to DevOps

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1. Pre-Built components integration
Our customizable real-time communications engine, powered by WebRTC, has over 30 built-in components - from video calls and chat to speech recognition and more.
2. NEW Product development
New video or AI solution in mind? We’ll make it happen from start to finish - selecting the perfect tech stack, building your product from scratch and launching it. Let’s talk!

3. existing product improvements
Let us help you build, scale, improve reliability and cut operating costs of the existing products. We know how.

Why US ?

Deep expertise
We have a team of professionals with experience in real-time communications, hundreds of successful projects and millions of users
Time and money savings
Cut the cost and time of development by reusing pre-built components and platforms
No vendor lock-in
We provide full ownership of source code and IP, giving you complete control to modify, maintain, and extend your application's capabilities
Enhanced security
We guarantee the security and privacy of the customers’ data, protection against OWASP Top 10 security threats and regulation compliance
We worked with:
  • Future of Work (HRTech, Sales Enablement, Marketing, etc.)
    Embedded webinars, virtual meetings, chats, meeting copilots and remote collaboration among employees, partners and clients
  • EdTech
    Real-time interactions with video, voice, whiteboards, polls, quizzes
  • FinTech
    Enhanced-security meetings, earnings calls and remote KYC
  • Gaming, Metaverse, VR/AR
    In-game voice/video chats, interactive live streaming, mixed reality
  • Telemedicine
    Remote consultations, diagnostic, patient-doctor communication
  • Live Shopping and E-commerce
    Real-time and social shopping with interactive live streaming
  • Online and hybrid events
    Event management platforms with online vs in-person interaction
OUR Technology stack:
  • WebRTC
    Agora, LiveKit, Daily.co, 100ms, Twillio, Vonage, Jitsi
  • Conversational AI
    OpenAI (ChatGPT), LangChain, Semantic Kernel, pgvector and other vector databases, Elastic and other hybrid search engines
  • Web
    Backend (ASP.NET, PHP), Frontend (React, Vue.js, any other JS frameworks)
  • Mobile
    iOS (Swift), Android (Java, Kotlin), Flatter
  • Infrastructure
    AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes

Our components

Embedded WebRTC
Pre-built real-time communication components, such as video chat, audio chat, feedback widgets, and more, can make app development 3-5x more efficient.
app screen
Meeting Copilot
AI assistant that keeps track of attention and emotions, suggests relevant materials, transcribes, and summarizes meetings.
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3D objects, avatars in the calls
Extra low-latency object coordinates transfer with WebRTC, 3D object rendering and interactions in real-time
app screen
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On-premise video meetings
Full customer data control and security, deployment on your servers or private data center, up to 5x less expensive than 3rd-party videoconferencing services
On-premises video meetings
Meeting analytics
Deep meeting analytics tracking participants’ connection time, duration of verbal interactions, attention span, emotions, sentiment, etc.
Meeting analytics
Scaling and heavy-load build-up
Design and optimization of the video conferencing infrastructure, bottleneck analysis, heavy-load service build-up
Scaling and heavy-load build-up


  • Sales and
    Service for sales and marketing teams
    Tailored for sales video meetings:
    • Shadow mode (hide supervisor behind the scenes to coach and guide sales rep)
    • Timeline and alerts, meeting plan
    • Attention tracking
    • Buyer's feedback scoring
    • Fill-out CRM with data automatically after the call
  • Future of
    Dealer COLLABORATION platform for large retail company
    Collaboration portal for the dealers within large retail chain:
    • Webinar and virtual events hosting platform (3,000+ users)
    • Role-based access control, personal invites
    • Pre-moderated chats
    • Knowledge base and webinar archive
  • Event
    Hybrid Event management platform
    Platform for hosting online and hybrid events:
    • Registrations and profiles
    • Session scheduling and content management
    • Broadcasts and webinars
    • Partner expo
    • Engagement analytics
  • Gaming,
    3D avatars live meetings
    Service allows to create 3D scenes in browser as if it was IRL. In addition to video, it can stream facial expressions, spatial coordinates biometrics, location, device telemetry and other signals with extra low latency via WebRTC.
  • Event
    Deal floor, business speed dating service
    Service for online deal making:
    • One-click recording
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Content pre-moderation
    • Video-calls for online participants
  • Future of
    Ai Copilot
    Listens to the entire conversation and responds in real-time. If someone asks the question (transcribed) tries to answer it in private chat window. This helps seller to quickly come up with an answer to buyer’s question especially on the topic that is less familiar

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